Architecture And Design

Just like you, we are passionate about building contemporary houses and buildings for future generations. As creating thinkers and natural-born problems solvers, we’ll work with you to create architectural plans and initial designs you’ll love. We are diversely proficient in Autodesk 3D Max, Rvit, SketchUp, and Adobe Photoshop.

Interior Design

From traditional designs to more contemporary concepts that follow global trends, we keep our clients’ desires at the heart of our proposition. We are inspired by creating thinking, office décor, and innovative interior design for residential and commercial buildings. Consider us your one-stop shop for turnkey interior design solutions.

Construction Building

Once the architectural plans and designs are set in stone, the real work can begin - the construction building. At Alsharkeon Company, we take care of all the hard work - while making sure you’re still in control of the entire process from start to finish. We’re your workers and consultants, helping you navigate the complex project process while educating you every step of the way.



We’ll help you make the most informed decisions possible, staying honest about the options and costs available to you. Our goal is to construct a building you can be proud of, and we won’t stop until you’re 110% satisfied. By keeping an open line of communication at every stage of the construction building project, we can avoid problems before they become problems - ensuring a smooth ride from initiation to completion.

We understand how tough it can be to navigate the interior design maze, from structural requirements to materials, functional needs, regulatory issues, sustainability, and more. We can help you reach your goals effortlessly, from design development to floor plans, elevations, color schemes, paint, wallpaper, floor treatments, furniture - the list goes on.


Ready to get started?

Our unique work has earned us a solid reputation across Libya, and we continue to grow from strength to strength. Whether you need to build, renovate or upgrade, we’ll be there. We possess the grit, determination, and tenacity needed to manage your projects from inception to execution to completion.Contact us today to learn more.