Here is the most common questions for our prospective customers might have.

Do you work only in interior design?

No, we are a construction and design company that adopts any project from A to Z

 What is the mechanism of your work within the company?

We perform and deliver everything under one roof to simplify and streamline your life. you can choose one of our services depend on your need or we can start from the initial architectural project design to the big build, and finishing up with premium interior design and furniture just need first to contact us and then we set up a meeting with you so we can discuss all the aspect of the project .it takes from two days to few weeks to prepare a start plan or suggestions it depend on the size of your project .

Alsharkeon Company is more than just a business. We are your partner in commercial and residential building construction that puts you first. This goes beyond colors and materials. It’s about exceptional standards and paying attention to every detail - no matter how small. Every little piece of the project builds the bigger picture, and we can’t wait to achieve your vision - together.

Do you have customer service?

Sure! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/5 working days.