Our Story

Founded in 2009 by our active CEO, Ziad Alasbali, Alsharkeon Company supplies high-quality services for its clients’ diverse modern-day needs. Nestled in the heart of Benghazi, Libya, we specialize in architecture and engineering, interior design, and construction building for our valued clients. We formed Alsharkeon Company out of our own frustration at the lack of personal attention in the architecture and design realm. Seeing as we couldn’t find the solution, we made it - reimagining the way residential and commercial spaces are brought to life. We proudly work on any project, no matter the size or nature. We are obsessed with thinking outside of the box with our clients, redefining the nation’s architectural landscape to lift Libya onto an international pedestal.


Our Approach

Our Philosophy

As a leading name in architecture, construction, and interior design in Libya, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations - no matter what. We proudly bring a luxurious and sophisticated contemporary style to every project we work on. We never fail to take your personal demands and budget into account, creating a reasonable quote that’s transparent from the word go. Open communication guarantees quality results you can trust.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Our top team of industry-leading experts is dedicated to delivering outstanding services that’s courteous, prompt, and respects your needs. We always deliver on time and under budget for your satisfaction. As lifelong learners, we continue to think creatively to reimagine the way architecture in Benghazi is done. Learn a little more about our passionate team members below.

Ziad Ali Alasbali

Founder & CEO

Ayyah Abdulkarim

Sofian Alba'aja


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